Support Team

Our Support Team! Joël, Anne-Frouk, Vera, Corstian, Emmy, Jos

We are incredibly blessed to have a group of friends around us who are functioning as our Support Team. Hereby they’re introducing themselves.

“We are Joël, Anne-Frouk and Ellanova Grimberg en like Reinier, Rianne, Noélani, Lois en Luan Blijleven a lot.

We are a family who loves being active and we love cosiness and doing fun things. In daily life Joël works as software tester and coach and Anne-Frouk is a doctor’s assistant. 

We think it’s great to be able to support Rianne and Reinier by being part of their support team. It is great to be able to take work out of their hands in order to help them spread the news about the amazing work that they’re doing.”

“We are Corstian and Vera. Together with our two kids we live in Ede. We hae known Reinier and Rianne since the time that we were all studying Social Work at the Christian University of Ede. We’ve been friends ever since then. Vera has a job in Social Work and Corstian is actively involved in 24/7 prayer. We are happy to be able to support the Blijlevens and their ministry by being a part of this Support Team.

“We are Jos and Emmy van der Graaff. Together with our 2 kids Ismay and Levi we are living in Ede. In daily life Jos is working as a physics / chemistry teacher and Emmy works as a nurse. We have known Reinier and Rianne through our church de Schuilplaats in Ede. We enjoy being able to support them in practical ways by being a part of the Support Team.”

You can get a hold of the Support Team by writing an email to: blijleventfc [at]


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