Zeph Ceder is born!

Friday May 13, 2016 the time had FINALLY come! After the long, long wait Zeph Ceder was born at 03:22 in the morning.

The plan had been ready for weeks: we were anticipating a home birth, but in case we would need to leave for the hospital last minute, we made sure the Maxi-Cosi was ready, the bed in the guest room was prepared for the ones that would be taking care of the other kids and our car was parked closer by, rather than in the ‘long term parking zone…’

For several weeks the kids had been waking up with this question: “is the baby there yet?” and slowly this question had changed to: “is the baby still not here yet?!”

At about 05:30 AM the midwife left through our front door and right at that moment Luan’s bedroom door flung wide open. A little sleepy-eyed he looked into the hallway, having no idea what all just happened. The girls were waking up slowly and before breakfast they were allowed to just ‘give mommy a little kiss.’

One by one they quietly walked into the bedroom and what they saw next… they literally couldn’t believe their eyes! After some attempts at trying to look for words Luan finally said: “I first thought it was fake!” And Noélani added: “I thought it was real, I just didn’t think it was our baby!” And all that Loïs could do was giggle a little nervously, filled with unbelief that after this long, long wait the baby was FINALLY here!

We are all so happy with our beautiful son and brother! We are so grateful for his life and we’re looking forward to getting to know this little man. We are so curious to find out who he will look like – outwardly, but also in his character. We’re so curious to find out in what ways he won’t look like anybody, but how he will be completely unique. Curious to find out what his interests will be, what dreams he will develop… But what we already know is that his Maker has the most amazing dreams for him. And it’s our prayer that he will learn to dream the dreams that God has for him.


Click the above picture for more. These pictures were taken by our talented friend and colleague Samantha Aantjes. You can see more of her incredible work here: Shine 1.21 Photography on Facebook.


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