During our summer break we were able to do an amazing road trip through Norway. With the generostity of beautiful people around us that were willing to lent us their campervan, we could make this dream trip come through. We’ve look back on an incredible experience together with our kids. Norway is one of those countries that make it pretty easy to switch the button from ‘work mode’ to ‘holiday mode’. Or maybe more applicable in our camper van case to ‘survival mode’.

Reinier had been given a very appropriate father days gift that he used all the time, a nice pocket knife, as it fits a real man. One of the things he used it for all the time was to get the wood ready for our daily bonfires to cook on or to get warm by. Cause Norway’s temperatures are slightly different than South of France. To get a fire started is quit an art, but to keep it burning requires as much skill! Rekindle, that what you do to keep the fire burning. A fire that at first only seems to smoulder and simmer, can with a few small branches, a bit of extra oxygen and some poking turn to a bright flaming fire. ‘Rekindle’ is the name that we gave to our annual staff week that we have each year in September at the start of a new season. 

We get together with all the staff of our community. We listen, we look back, we poke a bit and blow a bit. The fire is there, but we aim to see it burning at it’s fullest at all times. That’s why these moments are so important to intentionally have a look at how we are doing as a base as a whole, in our 22 different teams and individually for our 90 staff. It’s time to encourage, sharpen our focus, share vision, to adjust our course here and there, listen to God and invest in our relationships. Once again this year we had such a wonderful time together. ‘Rekindle’ is one of those things that is directly on our plates with leading the base. 

One of the things that got attention this year is some changes in our leadership team. We have been noticing that in the past three years, that we’ve been leading the base, has been a period that could be described as a journey that’s going from A to B. There’s has been an incredible competent leadership team that took on that role for the full 100% with there time and gifting to lead the base to best of there ability. We feel that in that season God has been strengthening our foundations. The last half year we felt that God started to speak about a new part of the journey that lies ahead of us with YWAM Amsterdam. A new season that could be described as going from B to C. Ofcourse YWAM Amsterdam has been into existence for 42 years and we didn’t go back to A once we took the button over, but just to use a picture to get the process across : ) We started to feel that there was need to see a new leadership team and may even structure for this new journey ahead of us. Growth requires constant anticipation to what’s to come and changes in structures are part of seeing that growth supported and facilitated. During ‘Rekindle’ we shared 6 names of mainly young people of our community that we have been talking to in the last couple of months about the possiblity of becoming a part of this new leadership team. A fragile proces that requires a lot wisdom. But also one that is a lot of fun, exciting and hope giving to see what the next leg of the journey will look like for our leadership and there for the base as a whole. Last week monday we prayed in a new leadership team and we’re at the start of something new. The good news is that God is always on the team despite the changes that take place. That is a choice we of course have to make, but we know that without him we are out of control. 

We will continue to rekindle, just like a fire that needs to be poked, and blown into to see it burning bright flames. 


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