Summer in The Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland

This clip was recorded at the end of the week that we taught in the DTS in Lausanne, Switzerland. Continue reading for the full story behind this video…

For many people in The Netherlands the first week of school is just about to get started and the Blijlevens already have had their first week back into school routine already! It was even the first week of school for Luan, who turned 4 during the summer break and the first week of grade 1 for Loïs, who will turn 6 years young tomorrow, August 24th!

During the summer break we’ve been able to have a wonderful time as a family to spend some extra time together, while being in nature in Norway – and believe it or not – on the city beach in our own ‘frontyard’!

One of the lessons of our trip was the role of our daily prayer. Also during holidays things can go slightly wrong sometimes and that were the moments when we told each other:

“What do we do when something crappy happens” – “Pray”

“What happens when we pray” – “God hears us!”

“What do we do when God listens to our prayer” – “Thank Him”

On the last day of our trip in Norway I lost my wallet in the most crowded city that we’ve seen in Norway (by the way… we’ve still seen even less people in 2 weeks Norway, than 1 week at home 😉 ) and while I went looking for it Rianne and the kids said a prayer. I almost gave up until it seemed like God whispered into my ear to go ask a person of whom I saw no reason why they would know where it could be. And she told me: “Oh yeah, hang on, we found that wallet!”

We try to have prayer to be a very normal part of our daily life. Making God apart of our lives. Once we got home Rianne was walking the stairs just after midnight and while she was getting the kids upstairs (who seemed wide awake all of the sudden), they prayed that now we were back home they also would have opportunities to go out and enjoy the summer. The next morning after waking up, guess what we saw while we looked out the window? A little beach area was created, especially for the kids, on a platform that was temporarily left there after building a new metro line!

Of course we repeated together :

“What do we do when we need God to come through” – “Pray”

“What happens when we pray” – “God hears us!”

“What do we do when God listens to our prayer” – “Thank Him”

After being home for a week, we left for Lausanne, Switzerland, to teach in the DTS.

I got to teach about one of my favourite topics: ‘The Father Heart of God’. Throughout the years we got to learn so much about who God wants to be for us, many times by just simply thinking about our own role as a parent next to what the Bible says.

By the end of the week I was sharing about the ‘spirit of adoption’ and it was literally life changing. What many don’t know is that the word in Greek in scriptures like Romans 8:15 is hard to translate, but the word adoption is actually not the completely correct translation. It would be better translated into: restored into the family, like the prodigal son was restored in his identity, his belonging to the family.

Afterwards Allison walked up to me in tears and she told me, “You have no idea how much this means to me.” She told me she was adopted herself and it always gave her mixed feelings when people told her that in same way she was adopted by God. “It always sounded very nice, but it actually gave me the feeling that I never really belonged anywhere. But now for the first time in 21 years I know where my home is!”

This is her testimony in a short clip that they shot in the end of the week. Take a quick look and be encouraged!


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