We’re going to Myanmar!

Not too long ago I heard someone talk about the training that we do in YWAM. She was talking about the DTS and used the following analogy: ‘DTS is kind of like a hallway with doors on all sides that open up into all kinds of new opportunities.’ Even though we did our own DTS 10 years ago I took note of that when I heard it. And now there seems to be yet another door that has opened new opportunities in Myanmar…

As a YWAM base we are basically working with DTS at all times. If it isn’t that we’re planning for our next DTS, then we’re running into students down the hallways. And even more directly when Reinier just led the ‘Urban Presence DTS’ this past September. What I didn’t know when I wrote down this analogy in my notes is that we would be opening one of these doors in the ‘DTS hallway‘ this soon.

“An unexpected invitation”

One of the teams of this last DTS went to Myanmar (Birma) for outreach, a nation in South-East Asia. We’ve been sending teams to this part of the world for years now. This is still a part of the vision that was developed in 2008 when we started leading the DTS Department in Amsterdam, and a vision that remained and continued to be developed when we started leading the base. As many of you may know, South-East Asia has a very special place in our hearts. From the moment we came back into YWAM Amsterdam in 2008 we have decided that this vision didn’t need to be put aside now that we had made the decision to stay in the Netherlands. We have always continued to look for ways to reach our arms into this part of the world. Many teams have gone that direction, many prayers have been prayed, relationships have been established.

Myanmar is a very special nation that has been going through some major transitions since March 2011. The nation now is a lot more ‘open’ and at this moment there are a lot of opportunities that weren’t there 5 or 6 years ago. Because of the sensitivity we can’t share a lot of the content of this trip through this medium right now, but we would love to tell you more whenever we get a chance. We are going on this trip because of an unexpected invitation!

The goal for this trip is to experience the nation, the people and the opportunities locally. We are trying to establish new relationships in Myanmar, continue to develop existing ones and try to find out how we can continue to invest in this part of the world from YWAM Amsterdam. From the first moment we considered going on this trip, we have had the desire to travel together as a family. And that’s what we’re doing!

The passports are being renewed, the kids have permission from their school to take time off from school outside of vacation dates (which is not always easy in the Netherlands) and the tickets have been booked! We would like to appeal to your help to enable us to go.

Our largest expense is around € 3500 (3700 US$) for tickets. Click here to see how you can help us!


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