2 weeks teaching on 2 different themes in 2 different DTS’s and in 2 different nations! Last week I had the incredible privilege to teach on the subject of ‘Father Heart of God’ in the ‘Thirst for Life DTS‘ in Skien, Norway and this week I’m teaching ‘Nature & Character of God’ in the ‘Mosaic Arts DTS‘ here in Amsterdam. 

For ourselves it has been 10 years now since we did our own DTS in Kona, Hawai’i and after all these years the DTS still is something that we would gladly invest our time and energy into.

This Saturday we’re expecting the ‘Urban Presence DTS‘ back in Amsterdam that I’ve had the privilege of leading myself. Next week Monday we will have one more week of outreach debrief, teachings on ‘re-entry’ to prepare everyone for their next step after DTS and then we will share a blessing with staff and students alike for whatever will be their next step on their journey with God.

In each of the DTS’s that we have been involved with we have seen young people grow in their relationship with God and their passion for missions. We’ve seen them grow in their knowledge of who God is, how they can follow Jesus in their daily lives and how they were created to be free and to shine His light in the world around them!

Below is a short clip of the outreach team of the UPDTS that will be returning from Thailand and Myanmar this Saturday. We’re so proud of these teams. You should just see this for yourself.


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