So this “YWAM”…

“So this “YWAM”… Actually it’s kind of like a community of people living together?” I can still hear her ask the question. One of our students in the DTS a number of years ago had been trying to figure out for weeks what she got herself into. And now – here’s the revelation. My response, with a certain level of hesitation: “Yes, sort of, I guess…”

“So you’re a mission movement?” Is what someone else said.


“Or is this more like a Bible training program?”


All of the above. But not really. Hence the hesitation. If you would call it merely a Bible training, the picture wouldn’t be complete. It’s not completely when you focus only on being a community. Mercy ministries? Well, Not just that only…

Youth With A Mission is so incredibly diverse that sometimes it can be hard to explain what exactly it is, and especially where and why we do what we do.

“What exactly is your ‘core business?’ is what a business-oriented person might be asking. And that actually is our core business. Nothing is too crazy to think of, as long as it’s focused on building the Kingdom of God.

Recently we started having Open Nights every Thursday night at YWAM Amsterdam under the name, ‘The Gathering.’ Often we have very inspiring speakers that we don’t just want to keep to ourselves, but we would like to share the blessing with others. Come join us to get a bit more of an understanding what all is going on: 7pm at De Poort, Kadijksplein 18, Amsterdam (bus 22 or 48 from Amsterdam Central Station).

Below you can find a few impressions of YWAM locally as well as internationally. Both are just over a minute, so within 3 minutes you can learn a lot about what exactly that is, This ‘YWAM’…

“1 Hour at De Poort”

“What is YWAM?”


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