Surprise visit Loren Cunningham

Rianne translating Loren Cunningham

I can truly say that there’s not a week of our lives that looks the same here at YWAM Amsterdam. This can be anything like unexpected guests for dinner, preparing rooms for arriving teams, meetings with our staff, praying into new leadership structures, fire drills, interviews, speaking at churches, meeting with government officials who come to inspect our buildings, report-back nights from our returning outreach teams etcetera, etcetera. Life doesn’t get boring around here and we enjoy that!

And then, sometimes there’s something that really sticks out. A situation in which we’re thinking ‘is this really going to happen?’ A situation that gets us a little nervous, but also really excited at the same time. A situation like the one when Reinier received a phone call 2 weeks ago from Loren Cunningham. Loren is YWAM’s founder and even though he is 78 years of age, and with that isn’t necessarily in the ‘youth’ category any longer, he is a very inspiring man who is so passionately motivated to know God and make Him known all across the earth.

Loren was already going to be in the Netherlands to speak at a different missions conference last week and he was supposed to fly out on the Friday to be able to be in India the next day. We had actually already tried to have him stay longer in order to attend our YWAM NL 40th anniversary celebrations on Saturday, but that didn’t work, because of his full schedule. But then, the phone call! Loren was reminded of our conversations earlier and then decided to change his ticket, leave a day later in order to be able to be with us in Amsterdam for the day. And he was asking if that would be alright. Ehm… Sure! I don’t think ‘no’ would have been an option 🙂

Reinier interviewing Loren during our leaders meeting

Loren spent the afternoon with us to interact with our leaders and staff in Amsterdam. A time for listening to each other, hearing what God is doing in Amsterdam. Challenging us to continue to reach for the highest goal that God has for us here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe and beyond

Being able to be encouraged by such a world changer, who is just so humble about this himself, who hasn’t just learned it from the text books, but has walked the bumpy road of missions, that is just so encouraging! The sense of unity is so special at such moments. One of our strongest points in YWAM I believe is that even with our hundreds of operating locations in 190 countries, as YWAMers there is always that special connection. Somehow we all seem to be somewhat on the same page, in all our diversity. We haven’t become this splintered organization, living on all our separate little islands. We’re a network of relationships, a movement and not a business. And then I guess you can expect a phone call like the one we received.

We’re truly grateful to be able to be a part of it.

Can’t wait for next week…


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