On the way to another monastery, two monks met a woman that needed help to cross over a stream. The first monk immediately reacted loudly and told her that it is against their religious order to touch a woman. “Sorry, we can’t help you!”

The second monk didn’t hesitate a moment, picked the woman up and carried her through the stream and put her down at the other side.

As they continued walking the first monk couldn’t stop rebuking his brother for carrying the woman through the water.

After a while the second monk stopped and said “I have put the woman down two hours ago, but you are still carrying her on your shoulder!”

–Just a story I heard at the Base Leaders Training in Harpenden last week. Source unknown


One comment

  1. Jaipal · June 9, 2011

    thanks fro sharing the story …….. it is same with us some time that we are carrying the things (issues…etc) without realizing that we are carrying …….
    bless you family

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