Good Friday in Amsterdam

What a great time of remembering the sacrifice of Jesus at the Tabernacle this morning! And then we got to carry that out into the streets of sunny Amsterdam. I loved how we were just having a good time at Dam Square with each other, with Jesus and others.

It started with this conversation with a lady that had just got off of a cruise. She and her husband were just eating something at the steps in front of the monument at Dam Square, in the centre of the city of Amsterdam. Her husband had noticed the cross we had put up and he told her to go talk to us. So she did. We ended up talking about the fact that she does go to church and he doesn’t. We prayed for him to walk the journey of faith and be connected to the group of believers his wife was a part of. On her cruise she had lost track of the days of the week and now she realized it was Good Friday and she was so happy she got to celebrate that with us!

Next there was an Indian family from the UK that our friend Kaisa was talking to. They had prayed that they wanted to go somewhere and worship with other Christians because it is Good Friday. We could lead them to the Tabernacle. A while later they came back and shared with us how their prayers were answered and how blessed they had felt. They even spent some time praying for us at Dam Square along with the team in the Tabernacle.

Then there was a young lady who grew up in Romania, speaking Bulgarian, was now living in France as an Au Pair, doesn’t speak French so she was so happy to be in Amsterdam so that she could finally speak English. Sounds like a YWAMer to me 🙂 She was very open to have the whole story of Easter explained for what appeared to be the first time in her life, even though her family was Christian. She said that ‘unfortunately’ she didn’t go to church, because she would have to be dressed up and be on time and follow a lot more rules. I shared with her how Jesus didn’t come to start a religion, but build a relationship between God and us. Finally she asked me to take her picture, so that she could show people she had been in Amsterdam. I explained to her that she would be able to tell she was in Amsterdam in this picture because of the Royal Palace behind her. Also she could recognize from the picture that she was here at this time of the year, because of the fair that we have around Queen’s Day. I just managed to even capture the cross that one of us was holding up into the same picture so that she will be reminded of our conversation and the powerful story of Good Friday every time she shows this picture to all who ask her if she has really visited Amsterdam.


One comment

  1. Jaipal · April 23, 2011

    Thanks Reinier family for sharing the testimony that you are living… you have blessed my heart.

    God bless you dear for walking in His ways and sharing his ways to people ….. lov eyou guys.

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