Last Wedneasday I returned from my trip to Singapore and Bangkok.

Because of our 2 weeks of outreach in the Netherlands and the visa situation of some of our students we had to leave Europe to finish our Lecture Phase elsewhere. We had 2 more weeks of lecture in Singapore, which is a great stepping stone into outreach in Asia. 

The first week we had  “Missions in Asia,” a program designed by YWAM Singapore to train short term missionaries in a short time for missions in Asia. Our second week in Singapore we had teaching from Joseph Chean, the base director for YWAM Singapore.

Even though I really missed Rianne and the girls it was very good for me to be there with the school. Especially the amount of time I got to spend with the students as well as the team leaders has been a real blessing.

At the end of my trip I got to travel to Thailand with the teams where I had a meeting with the YWAM Thailand National Director to discuss a partnership between YWAM Amsterdam and Thailand. I really enjoyed being in Thailand again and to be able to sent the teams off on their outreach.

One of the teams is currently in Chiang Rai and will be spending time in Pattaya at the end of this trip and the other team is in Ratchaburi and is hoping to visit Laos later.


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